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Q1.What type of makers is the Fukuoka Guitars?

 Fukuoka Guitars is the maker of high-end hand-made acoustic(classic,steel string flattop) guitar maker. We are making guitars heartily from wood selection to final finishing. We are also doing daily repair job not only acoustic guitars but electric guitars,base guitars,ukuleles and cavaquinhos.

Q2.Where can I buy Fukuoka guitar?

 We sell Fukuoka guitars directly to users at the atelier in Kichijoji,Tokyo. Also we do carry mail order and can ship all over the world. Please contact to Fukuoka.

Q3.I live in another town,far fom Tokyo. Can I ask you to repair my guitar?

 Of cource you can. We are asked from many place far from Tokyo. Please feel free to inquire Fukuoka for repairing your guitar.

Q4.Tell me the merit of repairing at Fukuoka Guitars?

 We will discuss with customers directly. After understanding about repair contents,our expert builder who is also skilled repairman starts reepair work. Customers can well understand why and how.

Q5.Tell me the care point of keeping the guitar.

 In general,if you play the guitar daily,you do not have to loosen the string tension. If you will not play over 1 month and leave it in the case,you had better loosen the string tension a little bit. It is good place for keeping guitars that has adequate relative humidity. The place near the bathroom, the kitchen or in the closet is very bad for keeping because of so much humidity. The other way,the place in front of fan heater,stove or in the car in summer is terrible for putting the guitar. The place where we feel comfortable and not exposed to the direct rays of the sun is also good place to keep the guitar.

Q6.Is there any care point when I change the strings?

 In daily operation,you had better change one by one to keep the tension on the neck and the body. You have to take care not to scratch the top at the rear of bridge when you change the string on classical guitar.

Q7.Daily cleanning the guitar?

 It is sufficient to wipe the sweat and stain off caarefully by dry cloth after playing. You can wipe the dirt on the fingerboard off by another dry cloth. If you use polish in the market,you have to use one that is not contain silicon. Or it will be very difficult to repair when it needs to refinish in the future.

Q8.Tell me the care point when I carry the guitar.

 Please put the guitar into the hardshell case,and loosen the string particulary in long distance moving. You have to loosen the string when you ship by car or air as baggage,and you had better insure your guitar.

Q9.Can you put the pickup on my guitar?

 Of course,it is possible to install the pickup "simply". But you have to understand that it is completely different sound between unpluged and pluged even on the same guitar. There is a risk of feedback when you put the pickup on the good sounding guitar and it may be impossible to play on the stage. You had better think that you have to own 2 types of guitars for unpluged and pluged use.

Q10.Do you make left-handed guitar?

 Yes we make.