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Let's think about common conditions that need guitar repair. In each case,we strongly recomend to ask a skilled repairman to fix them. We can advise on your guitar condition,please send e-mail to Fukuoka.

1.Difficult to play due to high action

 Following causes are considered in this symptom.

      -Lack of adjusting truss lod 
      -Neck forward-bow by drying
      -Insufficient fingerboard adjustment before fretting
      -insufficient adjustment of nut,saddle
      -Floating neck heel(on dovetail joint)
      -Loose top,back from neck block
      -Top crack at the side of fingerboard to the soundhole
      -Incorrect angle of neck setting

 Particularly we do recomend to let the strings loosen if there is any crack or loose top and back。

2.Nut and saddle

 It is needed to adjust the nut if you hear noise "kiki...." when you tune the string,or if have a difficulty of first fret barre. And also,if the suddle hight is extraordinaly high or too low as sinking in the saddle slot,and if the saddle is moving in the slot,it is needed to adjust or replace. When the string breaking angle over the saddle is too acute because the saddle hight is too high,on the contraly,when it has not sufficient angle because the saddle is too low,it is needed to adjust because it will affect so much to the sound. It is important to keep the proper angle fitted each guitar.

3.Fret buzzing

 In the following cases,it will occur fret buzzing.

      -Partly loosend fret
      -Back bowed neck(incorrect adjustment of truss lod,too much humidity)
      -Forward bowed neck(incorrect adjustment of truss lod,too much dryness,sunk top)
      -Worn out fret
      -Too much low action

It is exluded the typical case of flamenco guitar. It can be fixed by dressing frets or adjusting nut and saddle. Also it can be fixed by adjusting the neck,including neck re-joint,or by re-fretting after adjusting the fingerboard surface. If it is impossible to re-fret because the fingerboard is too thin after a number of repair work,it will be needed to change the fingerboard itself.

4.Uncomfortable resonance

 It is considered that the brace wood is loosened from top or back,or is broken or cracked. Especially,in steel string flattop guitar,the brace tends to loose under the bridge,and swell the belly. When the belly is swollen even if it is not loose,it is considered that it caused by the intensity of top or brace wood,or too much humidity. Also,particularly,in case of flat sawn jacaranda or maple the brace tends to loose by too much drying. In case of pickup mounted guitar,it often occurs that the electric cord is touching the body inside.

5.Loosend bridge

 It is doutful the loosened bridge if the guitar is out of tune extraordinaly. In case of loosening bridge caused by insufficient gluing,the bridge is re-glued after adjusting both sides of bridge and top. In case of bridge cracking,it is needed to make new one and glue on the top. The bridge gluing is very sensitive job and need much care,please do not repair by yourself if you are not skilled and ask a repairman to fix it. If you flow glue into the floating area,it will be impossible to repair in the worst case.

6.Caught on fret end at the fingerboard side

 Your fingers are caught on fret end caused by drying fingerbord. Or it occurs by floating fret end. In case of fingerboard drying,it will be fixed by using file for re-dressing fret end. In case of floating fret end,after once pulling the fret out and adjusting the shape,it will be hammerd and re-dressed.

7.Finish Cracking

 For example,in case of the lacquer finish,cracks often occurs on the finish by getting older. It will not be affected to the sound especially,you may leave it as it is. It may cause the taste of vintage guitar. It is possible to hide the cracks by putting the finish on them after sanding a little bit off. But they may appear again after a time if we fix only the surface up. This problem will go out if we refinish after removing old finish to the bare wood. But big care must be taken because the color will change and also sound will change,too.

8.Broken neck under the nut area

 This area,the root of head,has not enough of wood and has a big stress caused by string tension. So it will be easily broken by a little shock. Please do not fix it by yourself if you are not skilled,and ask for repair.

9.Body crack

 Body(top,back,sides) cracks often occur by a sudden change of humidity,a change along with the time,and also a shock caused by hitting. It is needed to ask for repair before the crack go wider,first of all,you have to tape on it to protect a dust and stain go into it. If they go into it,insufficient gluing will occur and it will be difficult to finish beautifully.