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From Professionals

Lisa Ono

Japanese very famous and popular vorcalist. She spent childhood in Brazil where Bossa Nova was born. Her sweet and mellow voice like whispering wind heals our tired feelings wrapping very gentry. She sings Bossa Nova,Standards to Hawaian music and has lot of fans over genelation. She is one of the hottest artist in Japan now.
Lisa's page
  I love the acoustic sound of Fukuoka's classical guitar very much. The each note is mixed very well when I play cord in any position,each sound comes cleary to my ear. It has a clear and full tone,and has perfect balance between low and high. I am very happy that the sound coms quickly reacting my touch.

  Because mainly I play cord backing with singing,I like this guitar that has a quick responce,no sound muddiness and crispy tone. This guitar also has nice arpeggio sound that does not have too much sustain,and has cute feeling when I play slide from fret to fret.

  And,it is very beautiful! I can not be on recording and show without this guitar. It is my treasure!
                                   from Lisa