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From Professionals

Toninho Horta

Born in Belo Holizonte,Brazi. Composer,Guitarist. He is one of the grand maestro in modern world today. We can never forget if we once listen to his lirycal music that ownes his original harmony with the feeling like floating in the air,and that is based on the Brazilian music with harmonizing jazz deeply. He is performing in all over the world,sometimes with his band "Orqustra Fantasma",or playing together with other musicians. He has many fans in all over the world. Also he is famous by once playing together with Pat Metheny. He is one of the ultra technician in the world about the guitar playing.
Link : Toninho Horta  Interview with Toninho,discography in detail.
     Diamond Land  Japanese site by "Garimpeiro".
  "The FUKUOKA's acoustic guitars is one of the top and finest instruments in the world of today. Since I played for the first time in 1997,the FUKUOKA classical model with Spanish flamenco conception,I just told to myself:"This is the guitar that I want to play all my life." From this time,I had ordered to handmade maker Fukuoka different kind of classical guitars,with singular sounds each one. In general,each guitar sound great!
  Its sound is very clear,sweet and sensitive,and have full sounds.The balance between low and high strings is perfect.I can hear clealy all notes when I play full sound of my cord progressions(most of time I play with 5 fingers of the right hand).The tuning of FUKUOKA's guitar make me happy when fingering in each psition of the fingerboard.
  I used to like light guitars,with the very low string action and also with light kind of wood in each part of the instrument. About the feeling,I want to say that my FUKUOKA's guitar is totally perfect to my way of playing. I am very happy to perform and record in all over the world with those great FUKUOKA's guitars.
  I never forget the words from Fukuoka-san after the show in Tokyo: "Mr.Horta,I love your music and also your guitar playing.I came here to see your show and to build a very special instrument for you,if you like." That phrase made me impressed to get attention of the rare opportunity to me,knowing somebody who wants to make someone happy with his beautiful job:to make unbelievable guitars.
  Congratulations Fukuoka-san! You always do better than I expect.

  Thank you so much and good luck!
                                     Toninho Horta